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Please support those who support us.  Our individual, club, and corporate members make it possible for us to create more opportunities for you.  Thanks.

Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association


PaOHV Alert-Staffing Needed for Simulator Presentations


Staff is needed for two Simulator displays in June


The first is June 6 at the Bedford Fair Grounds in Bedford. This is annual safety event.


The second is at the Anthracite Offroad Adventure Area in Northumberland County on Jun 13 and 14.


There is a particular need for ASI and/or MSF instructors. Contact Denny Mann at 717-with your availability at tewellmann@embarqmail.com or 717-532-6439.


 PaOHV Alert-the next General Membership conference call meeting will be held on at date to be determined.  Calls are held at 5:30 p.m.   Questions can be directed to Don McClure at mcclureconsulting@pa.net or 717-920-1312.

Special congratulations to Lehigh Valley ATV Association on its 30th anniversary in 2015.   Thank you for all you do!  Your are a valuable member of the Access Army.





The Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association

The Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association (PAOHV) is an independent incorporated association organized by OHV enthusiasts and businesses to fight for the rights of Off-Highway users.  PaOHV is recognized by statute by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources as the sole/official voice of ATV/Trail Bike community.  PaOHV holds representation on the Snowmobile/ATV Advisory Committee (SAAC). 


PaOHV's Mission 

  • Promote legislation with the purpose of developing and maintaining trails.
  • Become instrumental and influential in interactions with land managers.
  • Defend the OHV community against discriminating legislation and regulation.
  • Provide assistance for legislation favorable to trail and open space recreation.
  • Foster camaraderie among motorized OHV and all recreational trail user groups.
  • Provide a medium for the dissemination of information relating to the OHV industry.
  • Provide educational opportunities related to OHV use.
  • Promote research pertaining to compatibility of OHV and environmental resources.

PaOHV Alert-next General Membership conference call is to be scheduled shortly. Questions can be directed to Don McClure at

mcclureconsulting@pa.net or 717-920-1312.   




Pennsylvania offers some of the best riding in America.  Click on "Where to Ride" in our menu to learn more.  And...please support our clubs and corporate sponsors.  They're working hard to expand riding opportunites in Pennsylvania, and they deserve your support.  Thanks.

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